La Dolce Vita

People come and go, but in Florence they just seem to never leave.

The number of tourists during the summer months is staggering and sometimes i find myself annoyed by their take over the city. Shortly after i remember that, especially here in Florence, we all live based on the tourism industry so, I quickly approach the first Japanese couple i have on hand and suggest them a good place to eat.

Yes, i believe in Karma.

Brandon, Kate and I at the Boboli Garden

Today, Kate and Brandon stopped by Livorno while on a cruise  and it was my pleasure to take them around the city. We arranged for them to be in Florence early in the morning, a nice breakfast and then off to see the David, walking through the city and of course an enjoyable Tuscan lunch.

I met Kate through a friend in common who wanted us to share our love for food and wine. I would have never thought to find in front of me a bright, young girl who loves drinking ‘vino‘ as much as she enjoys teaching about it.

And so we found each other talking for hours about the pleasure of being around a table, of educating people to eat simpler and better. To the ‘dolce vita’ that we all should learn to embrace again.

Here we are now, in a cab driving to the hills. Their surprised looks do not hide the terror they feel in having an Italian driving 90mph on a curvy street.

I am not sure whether they are more excited about the thought of stepping out the cab or to finally being able to order some wine and enjoy the nice view.

Kate and Brandon

No matter what, the love they share for each other is now equally shared with the magical landscapes the city offers. An unforgettable three-way: Kate, Brandon and Florence.

Osteria Del Milione is one of those places that comes out of a postcard. Only 15 minutes from Florence, my old-time friend Lorenzo, owner and manager, turned this once private home into a relaxing and unforgettable experience featuring Tuscan food and wines.

Sitting down, Kate and Brandon look at me like a lost puppy who finally found its owner. They belong here and i am glad to sit at this table and share the experience with them.

I yell at Lorenzo to do it “his way” meaning to give me the best and freshest things he has in the kitchen. The menu couldn’t be a better fit for the wonderful company that joins my table.

Stories, food and wine. Laughs and dreams. At the end of the day that’s what you got – friends you made in this life and the stories they can tell.

One second doesn’t go by and Kate says: “Do you know you are lucky to live where you live?”

Yes Kate. I do.

Lunching with a View

Osteria Del Milione


Wonderful Rose' done with Trebbiano and SanGiovese grapes

Gnudi al Ragu'

Tortelli with Duck


Grigliata Mista - Grilled meats


One comment on “La Dolce Vita

  1. Greg
    June 7, 2010

    What a BEAUTIFUL View! This place was a home? If I were Lorenzo I’d be tempted to create a room there to live in as well. Stunning food and wine too!

    We sure miss you here! It’s so quiet.

    Friends popped over all weekend long to pool and BBQ. Today it’ll be a lovely 108 degrees, sunny, and beautiful!

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