Growing up you learn that happiness is not related to the big things.

It is not the ‘thing’ that we chase when we are twenty years old and, as gladiators, we fight our way out the fight as winners…

Happiness is not the ‘thing’ that we try to chase believing that love is all or nothing…

It is not  the ‘thing’ of the strong emotions that make the “bang” and explode out with spectacular thunders…

Happiness is not the ‘thing’ of the skyscrapers to scale, of challenges to win and constantly test us.

Growing up you learn that happiness is made of small but precious things …
… And you learn that the smell of coffee in the morning is a little ritual of happiness; you realize that all it takes are the notes of a song, the feelings of a book by the colors that warm the heart.

You realize that you all it takes are the aromas of a kitchen, the poetry of the painters of happiness, the nose and face of your cat or your dog to feel a little happiness.

And you learn that happiness is made up of emotions on your tiptoes, of small explosions that expand the heart, that the start can move your heart and the sun shine your eyes.

And you learn that a field of sunflowers enlighten your face, that the scent of spring wakes you up from winter, and siting down reading in the shade of a tree free and relaxes your mind.

And you learn that love is made of delicate sensations, small sparks in the stomach, close feelings even if too distant; And you learn that time is dilated and that those 5 minutes are precious more than many hours.
And you learn that all you need is to close your eyes to turn on the senses, playing in the kitchen, read a poem, write a book or watch a photo to cancel the time and distance and to be with someone you love.
And you learn that to hear a voice on the phone, receive an unexpected message are small happy moments.
And you learn to have in the drawer and in the heart, small but precious dreams.
And you learn that keeping a child in your arms is a treasurable happiness.
And you learn that the greatest gifts are those that speak about the people you love
And you learn that there is happiness even in the urgency to write down your thoughts, that there’ something happy even in the bitter melancholy.
And you learn that in spite of your defenses,
despite your will or your destiny,
in every gull flying there is the heart of a small-sized
Jonathan Livingston.

And you learn how beautiful and majestic simplicity is.


Gabriele Bertaccini 


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