About Chef Bertaccini

Born and raised in Florence, Italy, I discovered the passion for cooking at a very early age. Always on airplanes, traveling around the globe with my family, I found food being one of the main means through which understand a culture and its people.

I have to be honest: there aren’t many things in life that excite me the most than sitting around a dinner table, sharing good food and memorable stories with the very same people i love. This is how I create my memories, one bite at the time.  

Currently, I travel back and forth between Italy and the United States, often managing to find myself indulging at restaurants and farmers’ markets in New York, Los Angeles or Paris.  

I hope you will enjoy reading about my experiences, finding inspirations through that very same food, and those very same places, that to me are so motivating. 

It has always been my belief that you can’t be a good chef unless you see and experience the world; You can’t be a good traveler unless you embrace and understand food; But, most importantly, you can’t live life fully unless you let pleasure take over it.  Eat. See. Travel.

More information on Chef  Bertaccini’s projects and career at

Gabriele Bertaccini is the Executive Chef and Owner of iL TOCCO and CULINARY MISCHiEF.

Gabe also contributes as a freelance food writer for several magazines and newspapers in addition to be a regular guests on local and national TV including NBC and ABC. You can follow some of his appereances HERE.


12 comments on “About Chef Bertaccini

  1. inquisitorial
    October 30, 2010

    hi Gabriel! You have a nice blog! Keep it up!

  2. Mary
    May 23, 2013

    Very nice blog, beautiful pictures, delicious and … interesting recipes :)!

  3. Joann Gallichio
    December 4, 2013

    I love your cooking. When you’re on Your Life A-Z, I always watch it. I am looking for your recipe “Porcini Mushroom Risotto”. I tried to get it on AZ, but to no avail. Can you share this recipe with me.

    • Gabe Bertaccini
      December 6, 2013

      Joann, thank you so much for watching! It is a pleasure to share my food knowledge and heritage with my viewers and I ll make sure to pass along the Porcini mushroom Risotto recipe for you. I ll post it on here I. The next week!

      • cactuslover2
        July 23, 2014

        I have been watching AZ Family for awhile and love when you’re on it!! I salivate over your recipes. I live in Sedona and wondered if you come here to Dah’l & Di Luca’s Italian Ristorante. Two years ago I made a new friend from, she is from Loreto Italy but unfortunately neither one of us could afford their prices, we can only hope in the future…Keep up the great work!!!

  4. Radina
    March 13, 2014

    I love cooking and I really enjoy your blog. I have to admit that you are pretty handsome, too. Try to advertise your blog and keep it up to date, because in my opinion is one of the best out there. I love Italy and I love the food there. Good luck!

    • Gabe Bertaccini
      April 18, 2014

      Radina, grazie mille for your kind words! We are in the process or revamping the blog and website and we will be including videos and recipes that I am sure you will enjoy! Please, stay tuned and I surely thank you so much for following my work! Un abbraccio bellissima!

  5. marcello zeppi
    April 17, 2014

    Gabriele i find you for magnificient event, pls stay in touch with me Marcello from Florence

    • Gabe Bertaccini
      April 18, 2014

      Grazie Marcello! I have sent you an email. Thank you for following. Hopefully we can get together soon when I am in London!

      • Marcello Zeppi
        April 21, 2014

        Caro Gabriele, Mi trovo ora a Parigi, In transito per Sanpietroburgo, Grazie per la tua pronta risposta e scusa La Mia tardiva dovuta ai tanti impegni familiari, Mi fara’ molto piacere vederti a Londra eo a Firenze dove immagino tu ancora abbia molti amici e familiari, Chiedo a Tatiana ( Mia moglie e’ di Mosca), Di inviarti documentazione relativa alla Graduation Ceremony, Solo per farti avere una idea piu’ precisa circa la Ns posizione a Londra, Sarei felice farti dare uno sguardo alla Ns Prestigiosa location, Nella quale, volendo, possiamo realizzare alcuni Grandi Eventi, Sarebbe un vero piacere condividere, Buona Pasquetta

        Kind regards,

        Marcello Zeppi President Campus Italia | London 9 Grosvenor Place London SW1X 7SH Tel: +39 335 8022208 Fax: +39 055 7469090 Web: Web:

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